Lower Back Pain

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Nick D’Amelio Exercise Physiologist And some quick and easy things to try at home to help settle it down Low back pain is one of the most common injuries we see at Beyond. Often it’s [...]

How To Set Up Your Desk Properly At Work

Workplace Ergonomics – Setting up for Sustainability The term “ergonomics” is a hot topic in today’s society, one that is constantly thrown around in the desk-worker population. As regularly as it is used however, it [...]

Prevention Of Low Back Pain

Prevention of low back pain, some tips that may help you! There are many conditions which can lead to lower back pain which can vary from muscle strains, disc issues and joint irritation. The cause [...]

Travel Tips To Protect Your Back!

That winter chill is finally settling in and there are a few of us who are lucky enough to be packing our bags and prepping for some warmth elsewhere. Unfortunately for Australians that usually involves [...]

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What is the sacroiliac joint? The sacroiliac joint, or SIJ, is the joint that connects the lower part of the spine, known as the sacrum, to the part of the pelvis known as the ilia. [...]

Glutes Glutes Glutes

The glutes are made up of 3 different muscles - glute medius, minimus & maximus which are all found within the confines of the pelvic area. Generally speaking the glutes act to stabilize the pelvis [...]

Back Pain! Why Is My Osteopath Treating My Foot?

Back pain is a common condition treated by manual therapists, be it physiotherapists, chiropractors, myotherapists and Osteopaths. The osteopathic approach to treating this condition is often referred to as holistic and maybe very successful in [...]

Solving Lower Back Pain In The Workplace

Author: Dr Kristian Van Staveran As computers and desks pervade nearly every aspect of our daily lives, frequent and prolonged sitting is contributing to increased rates of lower back pain and neck pain. Whether you [...]

Tips For The Spring Carnival

Our Myotherapist Joel Olsen gives three ‘tips’ for race goers: It’s that time of the year again where Melbournians embrace the Spring Racing Carnival.Whether it be for some social time with friends, corporate attendance or [...]