Neck pain

Help! I Woke Up & Can’t Move My Neck!

By Dr Victoria Chambers (Osteopath) It’s happened again! You’ve woken up and can’t move your neck. Maybe it came on slowly. You noticed your neck getting tighter over the last couple of weeks. You asked [...]

How To Set Up Your Desk Properly At Work

Workplace Ergonomics – Setting up for Sustainability The term “ergonomics” is a hot topic in today’s society, one that is constantly thrown around in the desk-worker population. As regularly as it is used however, it [...]

Neck Pain – Text Neck

If you are a student (or ever have been) you will know how you feel after hours of sitting at a desk studying. Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain are all pretty common complaints [...]

Neck Pain And Pillow Choice

Author: Dr Nick McEniry A frequently asked question in our clinic is "is my neck pain a result of my pillow?" It is possible that a poor pillow choice, worn out pillow and most importantly [...]

Tips For The Spring Carnival

Our Myotherapist Joel Olsen gives three ‘tips’ for race goers: It’s that time of the year again where Melbournians embrace the Spring Racing Carnival.Whether it be for some social time with friends, corporate attendance or [...]