Meet our Podiatrists

Why did you become a podiatrist? Craig I always wanted to have a career focused on impact and helping people that would also provide a variety of problems and challenges throughout a working week. Podiatry [...]

Podiatry Month at Beyond – Jessie Duff

What is Podiatry and what does a Podiatrist treat? ITS PODIATRY MONTH AT BEYOND! So what is Podiatry? What can a Podiatrist treat? Podiatrists are trained in assessing, diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot, [...]

All Things Podiatry

Why see a Podiatrist? Have you ever considered seeing a podiatrist or are you familiar with the services that they can provide? A Podiatrist is an allied health practitioner that specialises in treating conditions relating [...]

Running Related Injuries

Running into summer? Or stumbling with shin and knee pain? With winter out of the way and summer just around the corner, running-related injuries do tend to become prevalent across all ages at this time [...]

Best Footy Boots 2016

Start the season off on the right foot - Best Footy Boots 2016! We see a lot of footballers in our Hawthorn and Windsor clinics, especially at this time of year as training picks up [...]

3D Plantar Pressure Assessment

As seen in the above video this assessment technology used by our Podiatrist Craig Plumridge helps analyse the foot’s pressure patterns whilst walking or running. The benefits of 3D Plantar Pressure Assessment includes: Accurate measurement [...]