Sports Injuries

Glutes Glutes Glutes

The glutes are made up of 3 different muscles - glute medius, minimus & maximus which are all found within the confines of the pelvic area. Generally speaking the glutes act to stabilize the pelvis [...]

Compression Garments… Just a fad?

Compression Garments... Just a fad? Today compression garments are widely used and sought after in the fitness world with the big brands marketing compression tops, tights, shorts, sleeves and socks including 2XU, SKINS, Under Armour, [...]

Sprained Ankle

What is a sprained ankle? One of the most common injuries, a sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments of the ankle have been overstretched by mechanism of “rolling the ankle” usually whilst landing or stepping [...]


“THE CORE” ‘The core’ is an umbrella term used to describe the relationship between the abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. ABDOMINAL MUSCLES The abdominal muscles are essentially made up of 3 layers. The 2 [...]

Running Related Injuries

Running into summer? Or stumbling with shin and knee pain? With winter out of the way and summer just around the corner, running-related injuries do tend to become prevalent across all ages at this time [...]