Training While Away

With six weeks until the big race in Canada I found myself confronted with a new challenge – I was about to embark on a five day trip to Penang for a friends wedding, followed [...]

Race Report – Brooks Sprint Duathlon

Melbourne has definitely turned the thermostat down and with those icey winds and low temperatures it is easy to lose momentum in the training department. Fortunately for me I have a large goal this year [...]

Endurance Training

Endurance training – it’s not all about the long hours As winter rolls in, it’s often harder to get the motivation to get up on those cold and dark early mornings to hit the training [...]

5 Tips Any Runner Needs To Know

I can’t quite believe it has been two months since I last competed. While I have enjoyed the sleep ins and the flexibility to train when and how I want, it was with great excitement [...]

Recovery Post Challenge Melbourne

Last weekend saw my recovery weeks post Challenge Melbourne come to a close. The mornings of pressing the snooze button on my alarm are over and the late nights catching up on TV series have [...]


As February rolls around, many people will be kick starting their working year with a New Years resolution – some sort of fitness promise to themselves that this year will be different. But for me, Catherine Allison, [...]