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Beyond Clinical Pilates Classes

We offer small group Clinical Pilates classes at all of our Beyond clinics. Clinical Pilates is a small group exercise class run by an Allied Health Practitioner trained in pilates rehabilitation style. These classes are designed to suit the individual’s goals with each person having their own program tailored to their needs. They are tailored towards improving core strength, flexibility, mobility, and muscular tone.

Clinical Pilates Classes | Beyond
Clinical Pilates Classes | Beyond

To attend a class you need to have a 45-60 minute private assessment with one of our practitioners. Following this, you may need more private sessions before joining a class or if you and your practitioner think it is appropriate you can join a class. To choose a class time talk to one of our friendly team members.

Classes have a maximum of four participants. We see the best results for our clients when they participate in a minimum of once per weekly session. We encourage our clients to find a time that they can consistently attend so they get the most out of their pilates sessions.

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