Timetables for Beyond Classes

Thanks for looking at our timetable page! You can easily navigate the Clinical Pilates timetable available at your Beyond clinic below. Click on the location, and you will see the team of practitioners that take the classes and the times below. To book your spot in your class you need to go through our online booking system and choose the ‘Group Sessions’ tab to see the class availabilities for that practitioner. You are also welcome to give our clinics a call and we can assist you with your bookings.

Location Specific Timetable Breakdown

Below you will find the days, times and practitioners running classes at our Blackburn Clinic. For reference you can see who is running Physio, Exercise Physiology, Osteopathy & Remedial Massage. By clicking their name below you can also check out their profile and learn more about them.
Blackburn Team
Blackburn Timetable
7:30am (Ash)7:00am (Lauren)8am (Mollie)7am (Bec)8am (Lauren)
8:30am (Ash)8:00am (Lauren)9.30am (Mollie)8am (Bec)9am (Lauren)
9:30am (Ash)9:00am (Lauren)9am (Bec)
10:30am (Ash)10:00am (Lauren)10am (Bec)
11.30am (Mollie)10.30am (Mollie)1pm (Mollie)11am (Mollie)
12pm (Emma)1:30pm (Mollie)11.30am (Bec)2pm (Mollie)12pm (Mollie)
1pm (Mollie)
5pm (Jacinta)5pm (Jacinta)
6pm (Emma)6pm (Jacinta)6pm (Mollie)6pm (Jacinta)
7pm (Jacinta)7pm (Jacinta)

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