Clinical Vs Fitness

What is the difference between Clinical Physio and Reformer Fitness? This is a very common question our team is asked by clients…

Clinical Physio is tailored for the individual and has a rehabilitation focus. During the class, you work off a program that has been prescribed to you by one of our Physiotherapists. The benefits of Clinical Physio include; improved posture, balance and flexibility, increased abdominal and pelvic floor strength, reduced lower back, neck, shoulder and pelvic girdle pain. If you have an injury or specific goal in mind, then Clinical Physio is recommended for you. Classes have a maximum of 3 people to allow the Physio dedicated time with each client, guiding them through their individual exercises. To begin Clinical Physio, an initial class assessment followed by a one-on-session is required.

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Reformer Fitness is a group exercise class that focuses on strength, coordination, balance and general fitness. Clients can begin classes any time after completing a safety clearance with one of our staff members, which can be done over the phone when booking. This is a great class to add into your weekly exercise routine – 60 and 40 minutes classes available.

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For more information, or to discuss which class is right for you, browse our website or give our friendly team a call on (03) 9822 4999.

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