Exercise And Pain Perception In People With Headaches

Pain can often make us stop our normal routine, but recent studies have show that exercise can be highly beneficial in reducing tension headaches and migraine pain intensity and duration. We all get headaches and finding ways that can help reduce the painful experience without medication is something we could all benefit from.

As physiotherapists, we often see people with recurrent headaches and acute flair ups. While hands on treatment can be instrumental in reducing the initial acute pain, our advice often includes some form of exercise.

If you are interested in reading more about exercise and pain perception in people with headaches, here is a great article: CLICK HERE

If you are experiencing regular headaches and would like more information about managing your condition with exercise, our physiotherapists offer class assessments and tailored exercise programs to help get you started. For more information, please browse our website or call our rooms on 9822 4999 (Armadale) or 9486 0512 (East Melbourne).

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