Geelong Newtown Opening 2022

Beyond Newtown- Supporting our team realise their goals.

From the humble beginnings of 2010 when Shane Bennett and Michelle Funder set out to create multidisciplinary clinics that set the standard for ultimate patient experience to now, 2021, where they have a dual vision of not only helping their clients move through life but also their team.

Over the past decade, Beyond has shaped its core purpose to counter the lack of career progression in private practice for allied health professionals. Whilst in other industries we see promotions, changes in job roles that come easily, in the private sector of health there seems to only be two options, run a business or be an associate and with not much between.

Beyond has created something unique, an opportunity for their team to progress in their career, learn new skills, be a shareholder in the company, and have all of the support along the way.

April 2022 will see the opening of Beyond Newtown, the fifth clinic in the Beyond group. Osteopath Dan Ioannidis originally joined Beyond Ocean Grove in late 2019 after a coffee with Shane Bennett discussing dreams of running a clinic in Newtown Geelong, just a short walk from where he is the current Osteopath to the Geelong Cats FC. Dan had been a busy Osteopath working in Private Practive in Melbourne plus juggling commitments at the Geelong FC. Dan and his wife decided they were going to make a sea change and move down to Ocean Grove. From Dan’s point of view, he felt the next step in his career was to open a clinic- a rather large and daunting task full of huge financial and time commitments.

After discussing with Shane his dreams of opening a clinic he quickly decided he wanted in at Beyond. Shane explained the structure & framework Beyond has in place to support practitioners to progress in their careers to have the experience of ownership in the business.

Dan joined the OG crew in December 2019 and fastly become a mentor at Beyond and then took over a maternity position as Clinic Director at Ocean Grove. Throughout this time we have searched hard and fast for the right location in Newtown to set up Beyond and help Dan realize his dream of running a business there.

April 2022 will mark the opening of Beyond Newtown and an exciting milestone in one of our team members’ career goals. Dan will lead a team of practitioners in our Newtown clinic designed by architect Adam Kane to help the Geelong community to Move Through Life. And in turn, he will be empowering those team members’ career goals supporting them to progress to where they want to be. And who knows perhaps another clinic down the coast!

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