Help Us Share The Dignity This Women’s Health Week!

Happy Women’s Health Week!

To celebrate women’s health week, we are proud to be supporting a wonderful charity called Share the Dignity!

Due to homelessness, poverty or escaping domestic violence, women in crisis are forced to use tissues or newspaper as makeshift pads. Share the Dignity helps to provide women in desperate need with basic sanitary items.

Throughout the entire month of September, we will be accepting donations of the following items:

  • Pads (all types)
  • Tampons
  •  Menstrual cups
  • Incontinence underwear

The next time you are shopping for these items, grab an extra pack and help to share the dignity.

You will see a donation box pop up at both our East Melbourne and Armadale practice, you will be able to deposit your donations here.

Your generosity will make a big difference to a woman in need.

To learn more about Share the Dignity, please visit their website here

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