Mastitis is an inflammatory condition or occasionally an infection that is often characterised by blocked milk ducts. Mastitis is commonly experienced by breastfeeding mothers in the first few months postpartum and is associated with changes to milk supply including a missed feed or over-supply.


  • Reddening of breast tissue
  • Palpable lump/hardened tissue
  • Flu-like symptoms (fatigue, fever, chills)

How can Physiotherapy help?

Be sure to seek out one of the Fitwise Physiotherapists as soon as you suspect mastitis, as treatment can be very effective in reducing your symptoms. We will offer education and advice regarding management as well as deliver ultrasound for three to four consecutive days. Ultrasound can help to breakdown the hardened tissue and increase the blood flow to the breast tissue, ultimately reducing pain and swelling.

It may also be suggested that you see your GP for medication depending upon the severity.

Managing mastitis at home

  • Listen to your body and rest.
  • The use of cold packs or ice to assist with pain management.
  • Avoid wearing a bra/excessive pressure on the breast.
  • Self-massage however ensure you are not pressing too firmly.

Can I continue to breastfeed?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to continue breastfeeding your baby.

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