Motivation Monday: Kids In The Kitchen

School holidays have hit and there is no better time to get kids cooking! Kids love to be involved in cooking and it is crucial for their learning and development. Studies have demonstrated that when children have been involved in cooking, that they are:

  • More likely to try healthy food, with a greater development of healthy habits, compared to children who have not been involved in cooking and/or food preparation
  • More likely to show a willingness to trying new foods
  • More likely to build vocabulary and mathematical skills – for example, by using measuring cups & jugs, learning about units of measures, practice pouring liquids, cracking eggs etc
  • More curious to learn about what different foods look like and where they come from
  • More prepared for cooking for themselves or the family in later years
  • Given another opportunity to spend quality time with YOU!

So, we encourage you to get in the kitchen these school holidays.

Not sure where to start?

You can start by cooking these easy, nutritious Apple, Carrot and three seed Muesli bar recipe by the great team!


Happy Cooking!

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