People & Planet

At Beyond we care about more than just great client outcomes.

We conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible and ethical manner. We are an inclusive, respectful and safe business and welcome all people.

We are conscious that as our practice grows we have an obligation to not only be responsible, but through transparency of our practices, create awareness.

A systematic review of all products used within treatment and general day to day clinic use, with the goal to reduce waste to landfill and improve recycling opportunities and habits.

To also ensure we are always choosing products and creating relationships with businesses that align with our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet and environment.

New clinic site development green practices; we are always ensuring qualified best building practices, with design respectful to the environment to further our commitment to the the planet.

People: following our Move Through Life philosophy, building meaningful relationships to support people to move through life.

We are currently reviewing potential relationships with non for profit organisations that align with us. We want to work with organisations that are committed to helping build communities with equitable opportunities.

If you are a non for profit organisation and are interested in forming a relationship with Beyond, please register your interest HERE.

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