People & Planet

At Beyond we care about more than just great client outcomes.

We conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible and ethical manner. We are an inclusive, respectful, and safe business and welcome all people. We are conscious that as our practice grows we have an obligation to not only be responsible through transparency of our practices but to also create awareness.

We acknowledge that our journey towards a more sustainable and supportive future is ongoing. We are constantly learning, adapting, and trying to level up to meet the needs of our planet and people. Please explore below to read more about how Beyond is trying to make an impact.

We recognise the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. Our commitment to the environment is woven into the fabric of our daily operations and the choices we make as an organisation.

Sustainable Practices

We are dedicated to continuously reviewing and improving the sustainability of our products and practices. We select our products and suppliers based on criteria that include:

  • The raw materials in products are sourced and manufactured in facilities that are free from modern slavery and practice high enviro standards.
  • The products won’t cause damage to people or ecosystems upon disposal
  • The packaging can be recycled and or is made from recycled material
  • We prioritise and support locally-made products whenever possible.
  • Our building design and heating and cooling practices are designed to be as green as possible.
Eco-friendly Initiatives

In our clinics, we’ve implemented recycling practices to minimise waste (including in-treatment room recycling protocols).
We have transitioned to eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce harmful chemicals in our environment. We are actively reducing single-use wipes and towels, balancing the need for hygiene with our environmental responsibility. We repurpose any towels we no longer need to local animal shelters. We always use 100% recycled material for our marketing printing.

Here are a few of the great products that are helping us reach our planet commitment:
  • Zero an Australian eco-cleaning product company keeping our bathrooms sparkly!
  • Koh an amazing surface spray fighting germs in an eco friendly way.
  • Who gives a crap toilet paper- changing our loo paper can help change the world!
  • Skipper (formally known as Tirtyl) helping us wipe up!

Read more here.

Our team is our greatest asset. We strive to create a modern, flexible working environment that supports every member’s work-life balance and professional growth.

Flexible and Supportive Working Environment

All roles at Beyond, including practitioner, management, and support staff, offer part-time options and flexible working hours to accommodate life’s demands.

Our approach to work scheduling is flexible, enabling team members to adjust their hours for significant personal events or responsibilities, always aiming to maintain the quality of care for our clients.

Parental leave

We offer a comprehensive parental leave program to support parents during their journey of parenthood. This is an industry-leading program that includes primary and secondary carer salary support, keep-in-touch days, family allowance, move through life physical support (think Pilates and EP).

Compassionate leave

In times of need, Beyond extends compassionate leave to four days, doubling the national standard, because we understand the importance of being there for family and loved ones during critical moments.

Professional Education

We run a very structures internal education and mentoring program within Beyond but all of our team are entitled to study leave and also monetary contributions towards their ongoing professional development. We love to learn and really celebrate this as a team.

Our commitment to people in our community extends to two charities that closely align with our values. Little Dreamers and Birthing Kits Foundation Australia.

Our partnership with Little Dreamers allows us to extend our care beyond our immediate community through pro bono work. Little Dreamers is a charity that supports young carers between the ages of 4-25, who care for a family member who may be unwell or disabled. We ‘care for these young carers’ by offering in-clinic pro bono work to help them achieve their health goals. Our team is offered the opportunity to take on this pro bono work during their hours to help make an impact. Please feel free to watch more about this charity in the short video below.

Beyond Fitwise Women’s, Men’s, and Pelvic Health has a strong alignment and partnership with Birthing Kits Foundation Australia. This foundation’s mission is to ensure every woman has the opportunity for a safe and hygienic birthing experience. They provide birth hits to developing countries to help reduce the chances of birth-related infections. As a team, we host annual birth kit packing days and raise money to fund these kits. Please feel free to learn more about this foundation in this short video.

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