There are numerous physical changes that occur to the body during pregnancy. From very early on in the pregnancy hormones are released to help relax the ligaments of the body to prepare for the baby to form in the pelvis. During the second and third trimester there are forever increasing biomechanical changes to the body as the baby starts to grow and becomes full term. As a result, during pregnancy woman can experience a range of different symptoms including:

  • Muscle aches and pains through the neck, back, hip and gluteal regions
  • Cramping in the calves
  • sciatic and other nerve pain like carpal tunnel syndrome
  • swelling (mainly through the hands and feet)
  • headaches
  • pelvic instability

Myotherapy may help in so many ways to relieve pain, discomfort and stress while pregnant, with tailor made treatments to suit different pregnancies. Myotherapists may help release muscle tension throughout the body, muscle cramps and spasms, manage sciatic pain and reduce peripheral swelling through the hands and feet with manual soft tissue release techniques.

Myotherapists may also help relieve pelvic instability brought about by the changes in weight and hormones related to pregnancy with manual soft tissue release and a home program which can include stretching, strengthening and corrective postural exercises to help stabilise the body. This will also help to minimise pain and prevent further issues from arising as your pregnancy progresses.

After you have given birth, Myotherapy is just as important to help relieve pain and discomfort from labour, breast feeding/nursing, carrying your baby and lifting them in and out of cots and baby seats.

It’s so important to look after yourself before and after giving birth both physically and mentally and coming to see a myotherapist may help relieve discomfort and stress with a combination of manual soft tissue release and a home program.

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