Prevention Of Low Back Pain

Prevention of low back pain, some tips that may help you!

There are many conditions which can lead to lower back pain which can vary from muscle strains, disc issues and joint irritation. The cause of these issues can be anywhere between prolonged postures being held whilst working to bending over too fast. Studies show that 80 percent of the population will experience some form of low back pain in their lifetime, they also show that approximately 30% of people would have experienced some form of low back pain in the last 3 months… But what can you do to avoid being a part of these stats? Well we here at Beyond are here to help and educate, so you don’t become that 1 in 3!

Core strengthening:

Core Strengthening is something thrown about on a daily basis by practitioners, but why? Prevention and, strength in mobility. Exercising your “core” muscles help provide support for your low back and pelvis to move through space fluid and strong. For more information, you can refer to our blog:

Ergonomic set up:

Addressing Ergonomic set up within workspaces, whether it be at work or within your household can often be the preventative change that improves a person’s situation from pain to pain-free. Here’s more information provided by our importance of ergonomics blog:

Treat Yourself:

If you asked majority of clientele they would suggest that they’d spend more on car services than they would on their own health, why? Who knows? We here at Beyond believe that a regular “tune up” may be the best preventative measure to stopping those aches and pains that many of us deal with on a day to day basis. Why not try to have your body working at its absolute peak all of the time? A treatment plan and touching base with your clinician can help get you toward that goal.

Functional stretching and movement:

We here at Beyond believe movement is the body’s best friend! Holding a seated position or laying down for an extended period of time can lead to stiffness and apprehension about movement. Getting moving at the start of your day can often promote movement for the rest of your day. Most commonly in low back pain doing things like, stretching and then strengthening areas such as your glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and core can be vital in the process to getting you back toward a pain-free lifestyle. For full treatment plans and the best approach, we suggested you organize a treatment with one of our health professionals.

Spikey balls:

Your partner can’t quite get into that spot you want them to which you know will alleviate that low back pain? Why not get friendly with your spikey ball! A practitioner’s’ favourite self-treatment tool you can use to self-manage some of those aches and pains.
Here are a few examples of glute and hamstring releases with spikey balls.

Liaise with your Personal Trainer:

Let them know if you think something is not quite right, if you think you’re harming yourself or putting yourself in danger they will be more than happy to negotiate a better means of training. The worst thing you could do is progress without informing them of where your mind and body is at.

Travel Safe:

Regular travelers will be aware of the toll it can take on your body, namely your low back. Unfortunately, plane/bus/train or car travel isn’t always in the most ergonomic set up here are a few handy tips to get you through your next trip:

  • Having a footrest or a sturdy surface for you to place your feet can help alleviate some of the stress on your low back if your feet are dangling because the seat is too high.
  • Take a lumbar roll or back support with you, whether this is one you’ve got from a health clinic or simply a rolled-up jumper placed behind your low back can be enough to alleviate that back pain enough to get you through your next trip.
  • Simply move as much as possible, the spine is made to move! Get up go for a walk and stretch out as much as possible. You’ll reap the reward when you get to your destination and don’t require immediate attention to your back.
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