RSI Of The Wrist

Have you experienced discomfort, burning, achy, tingling or shooting wrist pain? Have you noticed your hand and wrist fatigue easily? Are you having difficulty with simple activities of daily living, such as; opening doors, chopping veggies or even turning on a tap? Do you experience tremors, clumsiness or numbness of the hand and forearm? Chances are you may be suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) of the wrist.

What is RSI of the wrist?

Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) occur when there is continual low levels of stress placed on a muscle or joint. The wrist and forearm are common site of injury for RSI due the high amount that the wrist and arm are used.

Common causes for RSI of the wrist are;

  • Repeated arm and wrist use
  • Poor work ergonomics and desk setup
  • Using equipment that doesn’t fit your body
  • Working too fast
  • Inadequate recovery/rest periods
  • Holding your muscles in the same position for a prolonged period
  • Inadequate training of carrying out tasks in a safe manner
  • Reduced variety of the type of work you do

Common symptoms of RSI include;

  • Difficulty with activities of daily living, such as; like opening doors, chopping vegetables, turning on a tap
  • Fatigue or reduced strength through the wrist and forearm
  • Burning, aching or shooting pain
  • Tremors, clumsiness and numbness.
  • Chronically cold hands, particularly the fingertips.

One of the first signs of RSI is discomfort, soreness or tingling in the fingers, wrist, forearm, shoulder or even the neck, which may appear after doing a repetitive task and disappear when this activity is stopped. It can sometimes take a few hours, or up to a few days for these symptoms to settle. Increased work stress or reduced breaks may increase these symptoms. If not addressed early, RSI may become into a chronic injury, so it is essential to seek treatment early to prevent ongoing issues.

How is RSI diagnoses?

Our Osteopaths and Myotherapist use specific testing and examination, taking into consideration your work ergonomics, hobbies and daily activities to differentiate RSI and other injuries. We use these tests to rule out more sinister pathologies and dysfunctions that may be coming from the head, neck, or shoulder to determine the factors contributing to your pain and help you ‘move through life’.

How can RSI be treated?

At Beyond, our Osteopaths and Myotherapists will determine the best treatment for each individual. We treat the symptoms, correct the dysfunctions that may be causing and/or maintaining the symptoms and educate our patients of the best way to remove the repetitive, aggravating stressors that cause the dysfunction.

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