Tips On Staying Fit During Winter

Game of Thrones has had us talking about winter for the last few years but now winter is well and truly here! The colder months can see us head into hibernation and begin to move our bodies less and less, and before you know it we are back into spring and barely stepped out of the office or off the couch. Exercise is so important to do all year round, and winter is no excuse. Apparently summer bodies are made in winter, but let’s not get into that. What we care about is keeping your body moving optimally to help prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

So far this winter we have seen some glorious, sunny days so why not take advantage of the beautiful weather, grab a buddy and go for a walk or run. Just getting outside and walking for 30mins a day can help with those daily aches and pains. The less we move our bodies, the stiffer they can feel. Our bodies are made to move, not to sit behind a computer all day!

A great way to stay on track is to commit yourself to something, whether it be attending a gym, pilates or yoga class or training for a specific event (like a triathlon or marathon) for those of you that like to take their training to a new level. Having a goal can keep you accountable during these cooler months. The team at Beyond can help you work towards your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. There is no better feeling than achieving a personal goal and we absolutely love seeing all our clients progress as they work towards these.

Needing a little extra motivation? Why not book into one of our movement classes to keep you on track. They are all taken by one of our amazing health professionals (Osteopaths, Myotherapists or Exercise Physiologists) and with groups kept to a maximum of three people, you’ll be moving in a safe and encouraging environment, doing exercises that are suited to your fitness and strength levels, moving your body the way you need to and keeping you out of the winter chill.

Some of my personal favourite exercises to do daily are; book openers, pelvic tilts, bridges and dead bugs. These four exercises are great for spinal mobility as well as glute and core strength. You’ll see me prescribe these exercises to most patients that suffer from low back pain or stiffness as well as a whole range of other conditions. Please consult your healthcare professional if these exercises cause any pain or discomfort as they may not be suitable for you. Sometimes the smallest change in body position can change the entire focus of the exercise.

Below are a few quick videos of how to perform these simple but beneficial exercises.

Whether you are doing an indoor activity like Pilates or Yoga or you are out braving the chilly weather walking around Albert Park lake, it’s always good to bring a friend to make it more fun so you can help each other MOVE THROUGH LIFE this winter!

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