Trimester Nutrition – What There Is To Know

We have strong evidence that optimising nutrition during pregnancy is important to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby. We also know that each trimester of pregnancy brings about a different set of issues – whether it be morning sickness, which supplement to have, constipation or general healthy eating advice – we strongly believe at Fitwise that every mum-to-be should have a nutrition assessment and tailored dietary education during her pregnancy.

In the first trimester we know a couple of things tend to happen. We know that a pregnancy multivitamin is necessary (actually necessary prior to conception) but this should not be a one size, fits all approach. Nutritional supplements required during pregnancy should be tailored to you, your diet and your cultural and nutritional needs. This is where you may need the help of a dietitian specialising in pregnancy (me). Other common issues in the first trimester include constipation (predominately due to hormonal changes), fatigue (growing a baby is exhausting) and morning sickness (pass the dry bickie). We also know that 70% of women do not gain weight within the recommended guidelines for pregnancy and further to this <30% of women know how much weight is recommended for them during pregnancy. Be rest assured that all of this vital nutrition information can be delivered in the first 2 sessions of our Fitwise Pregnancy Nutrition Trimester Pack, click here for more information

So trimester 2 hits. The fog feels like it’s lifting. You are no longer falling asleep on the couch after work and can make it to bed at 8pm, rather than 5pm. You are also (hopefully) feeling less unwell and have resumed your normal morning cup of coffee. So, what’s not to like about trimester 2? From a nutrition perspective, there are a few things to focus on during this *hopefully* honeymoon period of your pregnancy. We want to ensure you are up-to-speed on dietary advice regarding Omega 3s, Iron, Vitamin D, allergy prevention for bubs and gestational diabetes. This is also a good time to discuss general healthy eating advice for your pregnancy and any other questions that might crop up as you grow a healthy human.

The final push, so to speak, is here. Trimester 3 – it’s exciting, daunting, goes on forever, goes quickly, but mainly goes on forever. You are finishing up work (yay) packing your hospital bags (yikes), finalising the nursery (cute) and realising all the stuff a new baby requires (ekkk), all while dealing with reflux and your ever-growing beautiful bump. At the same time, you’re contemplating labour and how to get this baby out. We will discuss in this session energy requirements for the 3rd trimester, dietary advice and tips when preparing for labour and breastfeeding.

You have had your baby. You did it! What an amazing, exhilarating, exhausting rollercoaster of emotions, feelings and thoughts. Once you are slightly less sleep deprived (if that’s even possible), a post-natal nutrition check-up is hugely beneficial. We will discuss nutrients of focus if breastfeeding, whether you need a supplement, post-natal nutrition wound healing, and ways to resume a healthy diet, when, dare I say it, sleep deprivation is at an all-time high. The main focus of this time tends to be the delivery of easy, go-to nutritious meals when you’re tired, emotional, only have the use of one hand for meal prep, and essentially don’t know whether you’re Arthur or Martha.

There is so much good nutrition information to learn and discuss when you’re pregnant. It is a fabulous time to be invested in your health and the health of your baby. That’s why here at Fitwise we have developed our Pregnancy Nutrition Trimester Pack! This pack is jam-packed with loads of nutrition information to get you through the long, fun 9 months that is pregnancy, and beyond! For more information, CLICK HEREor contact our rooms via the contact information below.

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