What Is An Exercise Physiologist?

Nick D’Amelio – Exercise Physiologist

An Exercise Physiologist (EP) or Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) is a university-qualified allied health professional who specialises in the delivery of clinical exercise interventions for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries. These interventions are movement-based and include health and physical activity education, motivational interviewing, lifestyle/behaviour modification, advice and support. These services are claimable under compensable schemes such as Medicare and many private health insurers.

With a degree in exercise science and a postgraduate degree in clinical exercise physiology or exercise rehabilitation, AEP’s are trained to prescribe exercise for those with chronic conditions or complex needs in the community or in clinical settings. AEP’s also prescribe exercise for the healthy population! Using this knowledge, we can effectively conduct assessments and prescribe exercise for rehabilitation and relief from pain and discomfort as well as treat chronic health issues. These areas include:

  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • neurological conditions
  • metabolic conditions
  • cardiovascular conditions
  • various comorbidities.

Unlike an Osteopath or Physiotherapists, exercise physiologists do not diagnose conditions. AEP’s typically work with people who are ready for long-term exercise management rather than treating acute flare-ups. We conduct a thorough movement assessment, set goals together with the client and based on this may prescribe a home program, give advice or set modifications to current activities and exercises. 

Exercise interventions delivered by AEP’s are evidence-based and in line with current research on the optimal type of exercise for improving health for specific population needs. For example, older adults may require exercise for falls prevention, to avoid muscle loss and to avoid bone mineral density loss and prevent age-related disease. In this instance, progressive resistance training, impact loading and balance training in a supervised setting are appropriate and effective for improving leg strength, reducing falls risk and maintaining healthy muscles and bones.

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AEP’s also work with healthy populations and particularly those involved in sport by providing exercise sessions that maintain optimal physical function, improve strength and fitness, improve performance and reduce injury risk. To find out more or to book your initial exercise physiology consultation, speak to us today and let us help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE.

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