What School Shoes Should My Child Be Wearing?


As part of education month, Hawthorn Podiatrist Tom Beasley lists some tips about school shoes and what to consider when purchasing this vital component of the school uniform.

Choosing school shoes can be difficult and some key criteria should be considered when purchasing this all-important aspect of your child’s school uniform.

School shoes undergo massive amounts of wear through running, jumping, kicking a football or whatever occurs during recess or lunchtime and therefore it’s important to make sure you and your child have selected the right one.

Key Tips


  • Make sure your child takes a pair of their school socks when trying on shoes to ensure appropriate fitting.

Correct fitting by a professional

  • It is important that your child’s feet are fitted correctly and that both feet are measured!
  • Buying bigger shoes so your child can grow into them is not the best approach. Your child will more likely wear out the shoe because they are dragging them and knocking them before they can even grow into them. As a general rule it is best to purchase a shoe that allows a thumbs width gap between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.


  • If your child has been prescribed an orthotic then it is recommended that the orthotic is taken with you during the fitting process. This will ensure that the right shoe is fitted accordingly by taking into account adequate depth and width when the orthotic is worn at the same time.

Top shoes in the Melbourne region:


  1. Clarks Daytona
  2. Ascent Apex
  3. Ascent Kids Adiva


  1. Clarks Intrigue
  2. Ascent Adela
  3. Clarks Ingrid

Locations to buy school shoes

  1. The Athlete’s Foot
  2. Ascent
  3. Shoes & Sox Kids Shoes
  4. Dobson’s

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