Osteopath treating headaches

About Liana

As a senior Osteopath Liana is passionate about getting to know her patients and helping them become the best versions of themselves. She loves to keep kids moving pain free and treating headaches, jaw pain and biomechanical strains.

Headaches & Migraines
TMJ / Jaw Pain

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Bachelor of Clinical Science
Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy)

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Liana loves learning about all aspects of health and wellness, and includes compressive assessment of biomechanics, sleep, diet and so much more! She learnt all about functional biomechanics when she completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science at The Gray Institute in USA. While in America she loved hiking through Yosemite National Park and road tripping down the California coast.

Liana and her husband Dan welcomed their daughter Darcy into the world in 2021, and they love family walks along Barwon River with their golden retriever Spencer. Liana loves to look after herself through the practice of yoga, taking magnesium baths while watching a good movie and indulging in her famous hot chocolates.

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