About Shane

Shane is one of the founding Directors of Beyond.

Shane has been a practising osteopath since 2005 with his professional interests, Sports Injuries, low back and pelvic pain as well as neck pain/headaches.

Hip injuries
Postural stains
Triathlon & tennis athletes

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Shane undertook his studies at Victoria University, and his Masters of Osteopathy final year thesis examined ‘Common Injuries in Elite Tennis Players.’

He did a short stint working under orthopaedic surgeons in Pennsylvannia and otherwise has worked in Inner Melbourne. He has a keen interest in learning from other modalities and has spent time observing Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Strength and Conditioning coaches in private practice.

He has a strong interest in sport, working with Triathletes, Cyclists, marathon runners and the weekend warriors wanting to keep active and healthy. Through the use of a range of techniques, including Dry Needling Shane follows the principle of looking at the whole body, not just the injured part.

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