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About Jonny

Jonny is a podiatrist and has a passion for helping patients with any foot pain. Highly motivated by the mindset of keeping patients active, he assesses his patients needs with a clear and specific approach for each individual. He developed his passion from being a triathlete and ex semi-professional soccer player in England and is committed to helping people move even with injuries.

Sports Podiatry
Running injuries and rehabilitation

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BSc Sports Rehabilitation
MSc Podiatry

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Originally from England Jonny undertook his studies at Brighton University before relocating to Australia in 2021. He studies degrees in both Sport Rehabilitation and Podiatry. He has worked in the public and private sector as well as professional sports.

Jonny likes to adopt a more hands on and rehabilitative approach to podiatry. With experience of working in the sporting industry, Jonny enjoys creating management plans which aim at restoring movement, improving function and reducing pain.

Outside of work, you will find Jonny either running, riding or swimming around geelong training for his next event. Jonny is a big fan of Port Adelaide and Manchester United.

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