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Katie dedicates her Myotherapy practice to the individual needs of her clientele, focusing on increasing range of motion and establishing efficient movement patterns and biomechanics. Katie specialises in chronic pain and injuries utilising a firm, specific and generous approach to treatment and rehabilitation. Katie believes a holistic approach and view of the body is essential in managing injury and discomfort.

Shoulder injuries and weakness
Headaches and Migraines
Gluteal strength and its effect on the lower limbs

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B.H.(SC), Muscl Therapy (Bachelor Health Science, Musculoskeletal Therapy)

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Katie has a keen interest in shoulder injuries and their association to weakness and headaches. Katie also loves to work on building gluteal strength in those clients who struggle with lower back pain or expressions of fatigue or tightness in their legs. Katie believes that to be strong is our greatest advantage in reducing pain within the body and she strives to empower her clients to be active in whatever way they can in their days.

As a new mum, Katie deeply understands the need to priorities one self care whenever possible, if that be a quiet cup of tea, getting out for a walk or run or getting the little one’s toes onto a sandy beach. Katie is a firm believer of dance like nobody’s watching on the daily and participates in after dinner dance parties at home with her little one – her favourite part of everyday.

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