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About Oscar

Oscar’s osteopathic philosophy envelops a range of holistic treatment techniques, centring around the needs of each individual patient, their goals, and their presentation. Oscar’s keen interest in getting to know his patients pushes him to develop strategies and management goals that focus on what his patients are looking to achieve, both in the treatment room and in life.

Neck pain/Headaches
Hip/Pelvic/Low back pain
Postural upper back/desk work-related pain

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Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)
Master of Health Science (Osteopathy)

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As an enthusiastic runner who has also played high level football and basketball, Oscar is excited to aid patients wherever they are along their health journey. Whether that be injury rehabilitation or continued management as they train towards a race or final, or a person wanting to begin the journey towards a healthier tomorrow. Oscar looks forward to helping patients elevate their health, optimising the function of the body and how each part interrelates within the whole.

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