Clinical Pilates in Blackburn, Ocean Grove, Hawthorn, Windsor & Newtown

Clinical Pilates is an allied health practitioner-led form of exercise that focuses on building deep strength to help prevent injury, improve strength, stability, and flexibility. Our practitioners will take you through an individual assessment and several private sessions depending on your ability and requirements to teach you specifically designed program to get you to your goals. Our assessment includes the use of real-time ultrasound.

Clinical Pilates group classes are 50 minute sessions with a maximum of four participants. In each class, you will get personal attention to help you execute your exercise program and gain an understanding of the benefits of each exercise. In our spacious and modern studios, we utilise the Pilates equipment, reformer, wunda chair, trapeze table, and various other tools and equipment to help improve your core strength, balance and control. We recommend one to two classes per week to get the best results.

Clinical Pilates | Beyond
Beyond | Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates may help with:

Lower back pain
Pre and postnatal conditions
Postural dysfunctions
Sports injuries
Injury prevention: Prehabilitation for specific sports
Chronic overuse injuries

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