Steigen Not Your Average Pair Of Socks!


Our November product of the month is Steigen socks!

We love Steigen socks at Beyond! These socks have been designed to increase performance, whether you are running a marathon or simply standing on your feet all day, these socks have the support you need to help you MOVE THROUGH LIFE!

Not only are they a dream to wear, they are also made by a local company based in Geelong and have a NO blister guarantee! Steigen are so confident in their design and the blister free technology, that they offer a refund if you get a blister while walking, running or riding in a pair of Steigens. Pretty good right?

Louis Rowan, the founder of Steigan saw the need for development in high-quality sports apparel during his time as an elite runner. Steigen aims to deliver cutting-edge and logical designs by consulting with elite athletes and using the best materials from all over the world.

How does a pair of socks stop blisters? Steigen has considered the two main causes of blisters and designed their socks accordingly.

Moisture: moisture causes blisters. Fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and wool are heavy fabrics that hold moisture and lead to discomfort and blisters. Steigen socks are made of Lycra and Microfiber Nylon. This creates a quick drying technique and prevents moisture build-up in the sock.

Friction: friction is inevitable when exercising. Steigen has designed its socks to minimise friction and discomfort. There is a higher Lycra content which prevents air pockets and supports the arch leading to decreased friction. Special features such as the reinforced Lycra band and ankle crease reduction channels also assist with reducing rubbing and slipping.

As well as preventing blisters, Steigen socks have other nifty features for comfort and performance. They have a forefoot pad for durability and comfort, airflow top mesh for temperature control and a super flat toe seam to reduce the risk of irritation and discomfort.

They also come in a great range of funky colours and lengths to cater for all needs.

  • Zero Length – Perfect for active mums or those that want their socks to be hidden from sight if you are standing on your feet all day.
  • ¼ Length – Perfect for female runners
  • ½ Length – Perfect for male runners
  • ¾ Length – Perfect for cyclists

Ask your practitioner or reception about them when you are next in the clinic.

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