Exercise Physiology in Blackburn, Ocean Grove, Hawthorn, Windsor & Newtown

Exercise Physiologists are University trained Allied Health practitioners that use exercise prescription for positive health outcomes. With growing research into the impact of exercise on certain health conditions, Exercise Physiologists can work with an array of conditions from injury rehabilitation to stroke rehabilitation, prescribing exercise in a safe and effective way.

Exercise Physiologists will take a thorough medical and physical history and assessment and design the right program for you. This may include weekly sessions in the gym utilising cardio equipment, weight training, and balance and fall prevention training. Education will form part of your management which may also include a home-based exercise program.

Exercise Physiologists work closely with GPs under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Program and also with NDIS clients.

Exercise Physiology may help with:

Injury recovery
Cardiovascular Disease
Mental health disorders
Stroke patients
Neurological disorders (MS)
Chronic Pain
Autism Spectrum
Fatigue conditions – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Physical disability
Spina Bifida
Down Syndrome
POTS Syndrome
Arthritis & Osteoporosis

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