Infrared Sauna at Newtown, Geelong

Infrared saunas deliver a therapeutic heat that has a wide range of evidence-based benefits. Unlike a traditional sauna, there is no use of steam and water, rather it heats the body for the core to deliver health benefits leaving you feeling refreshed.

We offer Infrared Sauna exclusively at our Newtown location. We have a spacious private infrared sauna that is available for 45-minute private sessions. To make an appointment click the button below and select Infrared Sauna.

When attending the Infrared sauna please bring a towel and water bottle. We recommend wearing bathers or underwear whilst you are in the sauna. Please note that we do not have showers on site. You will experience mild sweating during the sauna.

What may Infrared Sauna help with:

Pain relief
Reduction in inflammation
Stress management
Immune system
Poor sleep
Improving circulation
Muscular recovery
Boosting energy
Weight management

Please note, if you suffer from any of the following conditions or if any of these conditions apply to you then you will require medical clearance from your GP prior to booking and using the sauna; low blood pressure, prescription medication, cardiovascular conditions, artificial implants/devices, Parkinson’s, & Multiple Sclerosis. You cannot be pregnant and use the sauna either.

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